Zombie Catchers: Unlimited Money with MOD APK Version 1.32.1

Zombie Catchers: Unlimited Money with MOD APK Version 1.32.1

Zombie Catchers offers an exciting gaming experience where players take charge of a beverage shop and embark on a thrilling adventure of capturing zombies to gather essential ingredients. With each gameplay, you can enhance your progress by purchasing new items and making upgrades to increase your earnings.

Zombie Catchers: Embrace the Thrill of the Hunt


In Zombie Catchers, players delve into the story of A.J and Bud, two extraterrestrial merchants who aspire to open a drink shop on Earth. However, lacking the necessary ingredients, they devise a cunning plan to utilize the zombies they capture to produce ingredients and create drinks, ultimately turning a profit through this unique trade.

The game divides players’ tasks into two categories: capturing zombies, which A.J handles, and maintaining beverage production. These two processes are interconnected, requiring specific equipment to fulfill both roles effectively. As you earn money, you can unlock a wide range of equipment boasting impressive effects.

Zombie Catchers: Embark on an Exciting Zombie Hunt


Your first journey in Zombie Catchers takes you to the Swap location, where a drone assists in identifying areas teeming with zombies for you to capture. Upon receiving this information, you join A.J and Bud in heading to the designated location, taking control of A.J to initiate the capturing process. The game’s 2D environment offers easily accessible buttons for movement, while additional buttons, such as the javelin and jump buttons, can be utilized with new equipment for enhanced effectiveness.

Zombies will appear on the ground, and a circle on the screen indicates the reach of your weapon. Therefore, you must choose the right position and distance to accurately shoot them. Some zombies may be hidden underground, requiring you to place bait nearby and ambush them. Additionally, certain zombies may possess items that make capturing them more challenging.

Several factors can make zombie hunting difficult. Encountering certain animals can temporarily stun you, causing your target to disappear. Moreover, zombies equipped with special items might demand more powerful attacks, such as holding down the fire button. The ends of each level serve as the zombies’ escape points, rendering them uncatchable once they reach those areas.

Zombie Catchers: Diverse Zombie Types Yield Unique Drinks

One captivating aspect of Zombie Catchers is the wide variety of zombie types, each enabling the creation of drinks with distinct price ranges. To achieve this, you construct containers and place zombies of the same kind inside to work. Subsequently, the produced items move to the top, where guests receive them and reward you with money. As time passes, your earnings increase, allowing you to purchase new elements.

The game features multiple locations, including the Swamp, each hosting a unique boss with distinct characteristics. Alongside A.J and Bud, you pilot a spaceship and unleash attacks to deplete the boss’s health until it is ultimately captured. Boss zombies often provide superior rewards compared to regular zombies. While some machines require three zombies of the same type to function, a single boss zombie can fulfill the same requirement.

Zombie Catchers: Upgrade Equipment and Production Machines for Greater Profit

As you progress in Zombie Catchers, you will encounter challenging zombies with special attributes, necessitating upgrades. By acquiring new items for A.J, you can enhance his firepower or jumping abilities.

The game offers a diverse selection of items for you to consider purchasing and upgrade for increased effectiveness. Additionally, the money you earn can be invested in production machines to enhance their performance and yield larger quantities, thus generating significant profits.

Zombie Catchers: Embrace the Zombie-H

When delving into the world of capturing zombies on Earth, you will discover numerous appealing aspects, including:

  1. Engaging gameplay that transforms zombies into your captured targets, requiring precise weapon usage.
  2. Each zombie possesses unique characteristics, necessitating observation and employing appropriate strategies to prevent their escape.
  3. Exploration of various locations, each harboring a crucial boss that must be captured.
  4. Different types of zombies result in the production of specific drinks, with quality determining production capacity in the machines.
  5. A wide range of items for zombie hunting, with upgrades enabling further advancements in capturing and trading.

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