Mini Football Version 2.1.1 MOD APK (Speed, Dumb Enemy, Free Rewards)

Mini Football Version 2.1.1 MOD APK (Speed, Dumb Enemy, Free Rewards)

Experience the thrilling world of Mini Football, where you’ll engage in intense soccer matches and compete for the coveted winner’s trophy. This game immerses you in the fundamental skills of football through various short films. Additionally, you can collect characters and assemble your dream team. Customize your squad’s appearance, upgrade their skills, and leave a lasting impression on the field.


In Mini Football, success on the field hinges on your squad’s preparation. Show your skills and attract professional players to join your club. However, building a name for yourself requires participation in numerous tournaments. Winning prestigious trophies will earn you special rewards, solidifying your status as a top-tier team.

Construct a formidable squad filled with talented players. Each player’s card provides detailed information and a star rating indicating their strength. Strategically position your players on the miniature football field map and commence the match.


Before each match, Mini Football allows you to prepare your squad and customize their equipment. You can even adjust the ball used during the game to your preference. Outfits can be reused across multiple matches, and the game offers a wide selection of costumes with different colors, textures, and designs. Simply navigate the menu to try out different outfits. Unused skins can be obtained by spending coins. Make thoughtful decisions as you dive into this exciting turf game.


Mini Football offers a total of five unique soccer field locations, allowing players to freely explore different professional environments. Your football career progression affects the size and quality of the fields you play on. Starting as an amateur, you’ll compete on normal-level pitches. As you climb the ranks, your achievements unlock better-quality fields. Major world tournaments take place on highly acclaimed fields known for their professionalism and visual appeal.


As a talent scout in Mini Football, your goal is to recruit the best players. Customize your team, change outfits, select lucky balls, and assemble the perfect lineup. Each match takes place in a different arena, offering numerous tournaments and opportunities to climb the leaderboard. Victories attract sponsorships and prestigious trophies, so strive for glory and create your own remarkable achievements.


  • Engage in exciting football matches where you control the action, arrange players, create characters, and score amazing goals.
  • The game features a wide range of tournaments and events across multiple regions, allowing you to earn points on the leaderboard and receive rewards.
  • Recruit exceptional players by investing a substantial amount of in-game currency. Sort and categorize them based on their star rating, each player serving a specific role in your squad.
  • Choose from a variety of costumes and colored balls to find the most suitable style for your gameplay. Changing the outfit of a representative player will update the appearance of the entire team.
  • Explore over five different football field types, each with its own level of prestige. Professional stadiums are packed with fans for major leagues, while lower-level and regional leagues have smaller live audiences.

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