Hay Day MOD APK Download v1.58.81 [Unlimited Diamonds]

Hay Day, the beloved farm game for mobile devices, continues to reign as the top choice in its genre. With its captivating graphics and charming characters, Hay Day stands out among other popular farm games like Farm City and Green Farm 3. In this article, we will provide readers with a concise tutorial on how to enjoy the delightful world of Hay Day on their mobile devices.

One important aspect to note is that Hay Day is an online game, requiring a 3G connection or Wi-Fi network to play on your smartphone or tablet. As an online game, Hay Day has a smaller file size compared to many other farm games, ensuring it doesn’t consume excessive device resources or hinder accessibility.

Hay Day offers a gentle and engaging gameplay experience, featuring a wide array of crops, animals, self-production, and trading of agricultural products. It’s a perfect game for nature enthusiasts who wish to immerse themselves in the role of a real farmer.

So, how do you play Hay Day? Let’s start with the basics: collecting eggs. Chickens are your first companions in Hay Day, and collecting eggs from them is a simple process. Head over to the chicken coop, press and hold, and then drag the basket onto each chicken to gather eggs. When the chickens are hungry, they will peck at the ground for food.

To feed your chickens, keep and drag the chicken food icon over each chicken. Once well-fed, they will lay eggs for you to harvest. Initially, the game provides you with a few chickens, but you can increase their numbers by visiting the online store located in the lower-left corner. Simply drag the desired chickens from the shop into your barn to purchase them.

Your farm will regularly receive visitors, including farmers, neighbors, and new friends. Tap on these characters to see what they have to say. The first guest in Hay Day will ask you to name your farm. While the default name is usually your username in Game Center, you have the option to customize it.

In order to purchase items for your farm, such as livestock, barns, fences, trees, buildings, and decorations, you can access Hay Day’s online store located in the lower-left corner of the game screen. Keep in mind that the store limits the quantity of available items based on your level. As you progress to higher levels, more items will become unlocked. Don’t worry if certain items aren’t immediately available for purchase.

The humanoid icon in the lower right corner represents your helper, friends, and followers. By connecting your Facebook account, you can find more friends who are also playing Hay Day.

One essential item you must acquire for your farm is the bakery. To purchase it, navigate to the home building section in the online store, locate the bakery icon, and drag it to buy one. Find a suitable location on your farm to place the bakery, ensuring it is not indicated as red, which means it’s either unsuitable or lacks sufficient space. Ideally, position the bakery at the center of your farm for easy observation and timely harvesting. Tap on the toaster icon, then drag a cake into the oven to start baking. Keep in mind that you’ll need enough wheat for this process. Unlike other farm games, Hay Day does not sell seeds. The number of seeds will naturally replenish after each level.

Time management is crucial in Hay Day, as each planting or baking process requires a few minutes to complete. You’ll need to exercise patience and wait for the processes to finish. However, if you prefer not to wait, you have the option to speed up the process by using the lightning bolt icon. Keep in mind that each acceleration will cost you a diamond.

To ensure a steady supply of food for your farm animals, you should purchase a feed mill. Touch the machine and then drag the chicken.

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