Download Sonic Forces v4.18.0 MOD APK with Menu/Speed and God Mode.

Download Sonic Forces v4.18.0 MOD APK with Menu/Speed and God Mode.

Sonic Forces presents a thrilling racing experience with its unique features, offering intense competitions among powerful racers. These incredibly fast creatures possess distinctive skills that allow players to enhance their own abilities and unleash special effects at various levels. Join the game and embark on exciting races while experiencing the remarkable features it offers.


While Sonic, the speedy hedgehog, remains the game’s main character, numerous other equally famous characters are available. Throughout the game’s races, you can select from a wide array of characters with diverse appearances, skills, parameters, and more. Each character brings unique strengths, enabling you to shape your playstyle by combining their individual abilities.


Develop a distinct playstyle for your chosen character, gather numerous items, overcome challenging obstacles, and strive to reach the finish line together. Earn currency to upgrade your character and equip them with the finest costumes, boosting your confidence throughout the game. Convert your character’s unique skills into a strategic advantage, allowing you to conquer every race.

Enhance the appeal and variety of your gameplay by utilizing a range of characters. The game is now available for free download from reputable sources, ensuring high-quality accessibility for everyone, regardless of the device they use.


In addition to competing against other characters, you can take advantage of strategically placed power-ups along the track. If you’re sharp enough to collect them during the race, these advantages offer various benefits. Notably, boosters help you accelerate significantly, allowing you to outpace or narrow the gap with other racers.

Maintain a high level of focus and quick thinking throughout your gameplay to seize these advantages and use them as a springboard towards victory. Being a champion requires not only physical strength but also the ability to seize opportunities, so train diligently to excel in all your races.


As you progress in the game, you will receive bonuses that can be exchanged for different items or benefits to optimize your gameplay. However, upgrading your character’s parameters should always be a top priority, as it provides an advantage when competing against formidable opponents. You can enhance various aspects, such as speed, acceleration, skills, and more. By upgrading and improving your character’s weaknesses, you can maximize their abilities, making them stronger and more well-rounded.

While the game ensures fairness among all racers, you can create a slight advantage for yourself by accumulating in-game currency and using it to upgrade specific stats. Additionally, upgrading stats allows you to tailor your character’s abilities to suit your playstyle, providing a unique advantage.


  • Colorful 3D graphics suitable for gamers of all ages, creating a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • Dispersed advantages within races that players can collect and utilize to gain an edge.
  • Leaderboards for comparing achievements and levels with friends and other players.
  • Enjoyable multiplayer mode for racing with friends and enhancing the excitement.
  • Numerous upgrade options to customize your character and tailor the game to your preferences while developing your skills.

Download Sonic Forces v4.18.0 MOD APK with Menu/Speed and God Mode and embark on an exhilarating racing adventure.

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