Download Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor v37.5.1 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Experience the captivating world of Ava’s Manor as you embark on a journey through Blackwood Manor, where Ava, a renowned mystery writer, is determined to transform its appearance. Engage in enjoyable solitaire levels of increasing difficulty, earning resources along the way. Unleash impressive combos for rewarding bonuses and utilize your earnings to obtain helpful aids.

Accidentally returning to Blackwood Manor:

Ava finds herself in a state of melancholy, burdened by the weight of monthly bills despite her popularity among fans. Seeking solace, she confides in her faithful companion, Marlowe, her dog. Just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, an unexpected letter arrives, initially mistaken for another demand for payment.

To her surprise, the letter is from a distant relative, extending an invitation to Blackwood Manor in Europe. Accompanying the invitation is a one-way plane ticket, sparking a newfound sense of purpose within Ava. Resolute in overcoming her boredom, she sets off to the Manor, where she encounters a character on the brink of departure. Little does she know that her arrival will entail numerous challenges and levels to conquer.

Engage in thrilling solitaire levels:

Follow Ava’s journey through Ava’s Manor, accompanied by her loyal companion. As you progress, a series of challenges will emerge, demanding your resourcefulness to gather valuable resources. Immerse yourself in the straightforward gameplay of solitaire, where you’ll be presented with a sequence of cards arranged in various configurations. Some cards are face down, while others are open, with a starting card displayed at the bottom of the screen. Your objective is to form an ascending or descending order by selecting cards of greater or smaller value.

Your task is simple: guide the cards on the game screen back to the starting card. You can achieve this by arranging the cards in a suitable sequence. With a stroke of luck, you can unlock enticing combos, earning a variety of rewards. Notably, the left side of the starting card contains a collection of hoarding cards, each holding its own significance.

Sometimes, you may encounter cards that are unsuitable for retrieval, preventing you from returning them to the starting position. In such cases, tapping the hoard card will provide you with a new card, enabling you to continue your collection. Additionally, if you feel it’s too early to draw a new card, you have the option to revert to the previous move, albeit at a cost of a certain amount of gold.

Enrich Ava’s Manor with new additions:

Participating in solitaire levels within Ava’s Manor yields gold stars, a valuable resource within the game. These gold stars can be spent to complete a list of tasks, propelling the story forward and presenting opportunities to renovate the Manor.

Through dialogue with a character, you will gain insights into the condition of the Manor, motivating you to enhance its aesthetics using your amassed gold stars. Transform the worn interior into a remarkable space, adding impressive elements of your choosing. The game offers an array of designs and styles, providing a chance to breathe new life into your Manor. Embark on this captivating journey that promises an unforgettable experience.

Key features:

  • Join Ava and Marlowe on their adventure to Blackwood Manor.
  • Witness Ava, a struggling writer, transform her life through an unexpected invitation.
  • Engage with a character who reveals the state of the Manor, prompting exploration and renovation.
  • Earn gold stars from solitaire levels to accomplish tasks and progress the story.
  • Create combos to receive rewards and utilize gold coins to undo previous moves.
  • Customize the Manor by selecting various items, styles, and designs.

Download Solitaire Story – Ava’s Manor v37.5.1 MOD APK (Free Shopping) now for an immersive and captivating gaming experience.

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