Download SEOUL Apocalypse (Sindorim) v1.7.2 MOD APK with God Mode, Damage, and Defense

Download SEOUL Apocalypse (Sindorim) v1.7.2 MOD APK with God Mode, Damage, and Defense.

AFK Idle Game Method

For those familiar with AFK-type idle games, the interface will feel quite familiar. The graphics may not be flashy, but the animations are smooth, so there’s no objection there. As you progress, you can engage in battles at 2x speed with the Auto feature.

The main characters in Sindorim are Thunder and Jumbo, who are primarily pay-to-play characters. It’s a bit ironic that Thunder is a tank and Jumbo is the dealer. If you consider their visuals and position Jumbo in front of the formation, you might end up in an unfortunate situation. It’s recommended to place Thunder in the front position and Jumbo in the rear.

Sindorim with NAVER WEBTOON

Overly Simple Event

The events in the game seemed a bit too simplistic, mostly revolving around attendance. Tiger D, a tier 1 hero, stands out with excellent skill composition. After reviewing the skills of all the heroes, it’s clear that there aren’t many heroes with ripple-effect skills like Tiger D’s. In the case of Sindorim with NAVER WEBTOON, the attack range for wide-area attacks is too narrow, but Tiger D’s special move is a full attack, not limited to a specific area. Moreover, it only targets enemies with low HP and possesses a passive skill that increases attack speed, making Tiger D an overwhelming tier 1 dealer.

Draw-related Mechanics

In an idle game, the key is to progress through stages as much as possible to receive offline rewards. The game provides plenty of lottery tickets and diamonds as quests, so be sure to make generous use of them for drawing. Since there are dungeons for each formation, having numerous heroes at purple level or higher is highly beneficial.

There are two types of gachas: the basic gacha (Human Resources Office) and the gacha for each type (Woman Office). Additionally, there are two types of lottery tickets, allowing you to draw as many as you acquire. It seems more efficient to invest in a formation that receives duplicates as you accumulate draws. Each formation and position have buffs, and in the case of Sindorim, evasion and accuracy are important stats.

Sindorim with NAVER WEBTOON

Upgrading Heroes
There’s an automatic promotion button that simplifies hero synthesis. Synthesizing blue-grade heroes can advance them to purple, but purple heroes may not excel in stats and skill composition. However, resetting a hero allows you to reclaim all the resources invested, so if you have many duplicates of blue-grade heroes, you can nurture and utilize them. In any case, to upgrade purple-grade heroes, you’ll need a substantial number of blue-grade heroes as materials.

Key Features

  • Engage in an AFK RPG where you can enjoy both manipulating and observing the gameplay.
  • Experience original, stylish, and action-packed scenes filled with vibrancy.
  • Recruit the strongest players across Seoul, including Thunder, Jumbo, Lucky, Jinsoo, and Tiger D.
  • Combine powerful decks to survive in hell and reach the end.
  • The battle continues even when you’re asleep, with experience and rewards accumulating diligently while offline.

Download SEOUL Apocalypse (Sindorim) v1.7.2 MOD APK with God Mode, Damage, and Defense.

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