Download My Movie v12.0.1 MOD APK

Download My Movie v12.0.1 MOD APK, which unlocks premium VIP features. My Movie is a leading platform for video sharing, known for its professional skills and trend-setting content. The latest update introduces an interactive interface, additional functions, bug fixes, and overall improvements. It’s definitely worth a try! With My Movie, you can create and edit high-quality videos according to your own style, making it the best choice to meet your requirements and enhance any dull video.


  1. VIDEO CROPPING TOOL: Easily add and edit videos with our cutting tool. Split your videos into segments while preserving HD quality. This tool is perfect for vlogs, presentations, or any type of video. With just a tap, you can create professional-looking videos. My Movie pays attention to aesthetics and provides options to resize and adjust the tilt for beautiful results.
  2. INCORPORATING SHORT FILMS: Seamlessly combine different video clips and utilize preset transitions to make your editing process more efficient. Despite the video compression, the app ensures that the quality is always maintained.
  3. ADD NEW TEXT AND STICKERS: Enhance your videos by adding text with unique animated styles. My Movie also offers a variety of cute stickers, funny memes, and memorable GIFs to keep your content trendy and engaging.
  4. VARIOUS FILTERS: My Movie offers an array of filters, ranging from retro to modern, allowing you to give your videos a distinct look. You can also add animation effects to further enhance your selection. The app provides a convenient toolbar for adjusting color levels such as brightness, contrast, and saturation.
  5. SPEED ‚Äč‚ÄčADJUSTMENT: Altering the speed of your videos is now easier than ever. My Movie allows you to control the video speed, whether you want it fast or slow, forward or reverse, for exciting compositions. You can find this feature in the Slow-Mo or Time-Lapse movie maker package.
  6. ADD A TRACK: Add your favorite songs or sounds to your videos for a more immersive experience. My Movie excels in dubbing and sound addition, providing you with professional-grade audio for your videos. You can also create movies by combining multiple photos and add music to them. All the songs are free, and users can even import their own audio files. This feature may become a trendsetter in the future!
  7. SCALE FRAME: Choose from four different ways to split frames and customize them to your liking. My Movie empowers you to be a professional producer with just one compact app. Regardless of the frame style you choose, we look forward to seeing your creativity in action.
  8. SAVE AND SHARE: Once you’ve completed the editing process, save your amazing works to your device. Share them with your loved ones and elaborate on the significance of each video. When shared on social media platforms, your innovative creations are bound to amaze others. Be a trendsetter and ignite a new editing craze.

WELCOME: Welcome to the My Movie experience! Our platform offers a harmonious space for creative expression. We have a charming community of members and provide access to a professional collection of templates and editing tools. Try your hand at designing short videos, stay ahead of the trends, and gain recognition for your creativity in the media. Your feedback is valuable as we continuously collect bug reports and work on refreshing our app’s versions.

Download My Movie v12.0.1 MOD APK now and unlock the premium VIP features for an enhanced video editing experience.

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