Download Merge Dragons v10.6.1 MOD APK with Free Shopping

Download Merge Dragons v10.6.1 MOD APK with Free Shopping.

Embark on a unique garden design adventure in Merge Dragons! Witness the remnants of a magical tribe’s fate beneath the clouds, where they have battled against hordes of obnoxious zombies, leaving behind a trail of destruction. It’s up to you to rebuild their prosperity by merging objects of the same type into groups of 3. The latest version introduces exotic dragons that can be hatched from eggs!


With a vast collection of over 500 different items, Merge Dragons! allows players ample time to discover, acquire, and merge shards. The challenging gameplay will put you in difficult situations, but fear not! You can freely move blocks to create magical combinations. Upgrade your surroundings to new levels and utilize them for various purposes.

Merge Dragons!

Tap lightly on the cover of Life Essence to unleash its energy and unlock its hidden contents. Each level features a mysterious Gaia statue with its own unique story. Prepare yourself for 900 missions that will test your skills. Time your moves to uncover your hidden quickness. Create cool things by combining unlimited items and objects. Discover more items as you progress and complete your tasks.


Imagine having your own magical camps in Merge Dragons! Utilize the accumulated resources and accompanying items to construct your first stronghold beneath the clouds. Be cautious of the monstrous mists that obstruct your view. Battle the forces of evil that seek to prevent the restoration of this desolate land. Unleash a magical empire with your skills and build dragon homes!

Notice the remaining debris and the peculiar patterned eggs. Merge them and hatch them in the laboratory to welcome the cutest dragons into your home. Assign them houses and create dragon islands. Repay their loyalty by driving out those who dare to harm the kingdom. Additionally, the presence of numerous dragons will assist in dispelling the mist. With over 37 species and countless variations, dragons are invaluable allies in harvesting and combat.


Enhance your Merge Dragons experience by synchronizing with an external account. Engage in meaningful activities on this land and restore the dragon island! Visit new places, meet friends, seek advice, and learn valuable lessons from their strategies.


Merge Dragons welcomes you to the forgotten land, where together, we will rebuild from the ruins. Engage in the practical task of breeding dragons by hatching eggs. Provide them with shelter and create a dragon island with the help of fellow members. Embark on quests received in your mailbox and overcome our challenging level system. After each adventure, feel free to leave a review and comment!

Download Merge Dragons v10.6.1 MOD APK with Free Shopping now!

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