Download Litchi for DJI Drones v4.26.3-g APK (Patched)

Download Litchi for DJI Drones v4.26.3-g APK (Patched).

Discover a new level of simplicity in controlling your DJI drone with Litchi for DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark. This app offers a fresh and captivating perspective of the world from above, with adjustable image quality options to enhance your experience. Over time, Litchi continues to expand its functionality and device compatibility, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your drone.


As an existing DJI drone user, you’ll be delighted to know that Litchi now supports the Mavic Mini 1. Along with the existing flight functions, including Waypoint, future updates will incorporate even more features. This means you can effortlessly navigate to familiar areas and explore new territories using the map feature.

To elevate the quality of your photos and videos, several enhancements have been made. The Follow function now utilizes advanced algorithms to improve your drone’s ability to track you accurately. Additionally, the panoramic shooting feature has been refined, allowing you to capture high-quality photos. Don’t forget to adjust relevant image settings and experiment with multiple shots for optimal results.


Litchi offers a user-friendly interface that enables you to control your drone solely with your smartphone. Every operation has been carefully designed within the app to maximize your recording capabilities. While using the app, it’s crucial to be mindful of certain features that ensure the safety of your device, such as maintaining a stable connection or preserving the quality of saved footage.

The app provides the flexibility to adjust image and video quality based on your location and preferences. You’ll have various options to fine-tune these settings, as image and video quality play a vital role in your specific objectives, whether it’s creating a captivating video or observing unique elements. Additionally, remember to enable data backup on your phone to prevent data loss in case of a drone crash.


One of the standout features is the Waypoint mode, where you can meticulously plan your drone’s flight path. By placing markers on the map corresponding to specific locations, your device can recognize and follow them seamlessly. This functionality is particularly beneficial if you frequently capture footage or take photos in a specific area. Once configured, your drone will adhere to the established settings every time you revisit that location.

To avoid repeatedly setting up tracking parameters, simply mark a designated point on the screen and adjust relevant factors like altitude. Subsequently, whenever you return to that area, your drone will autonomously follow the predetermined settings and carry out its tasks. The device can also track objects based on prior assignments you’ve made.

There are two tracking modes to consider: Track mode and Follow mode. Both modes enable you to track desired objects, but Follow mode utilizes the device’s sensor and GPS to recognize and track specific subjects from above. This versatile feature proves useful in a variety of scenarios.


Litchi empowers users to capture breathtaking photos and high-quality videos. The app provides various adjustment options to enhance the final product, such as exposure settings during recording and image quality customization. These adjustments are then transferred to your device, allowing you to direct your drone precisely where you desire. Moreover, the VR mode adds a new dimension to your user experience.

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has permeated different fields, including gaming, movies, and now drone pil

oting. When you experience the VR mode with your drone, you’ll be astounded as it feels like you’re soaring through the skies, observing the world beneath you. This feature proves particularly remarkable when exploring unfamiliar areas and encountering breathtaking sights, making it a valuable tool for immersive enjoyment.

Download Litchi for DJI Drones v4.26.3-g APK (Patched) now!

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