Download Brain Test 3 v1.70.10 MOD APK [Unlimited Diamonds and Hints]

Download Brain Test 3 v1.70.10 MOD APK with Unlimited Diamonds and Hints.

Experience Brain Test 3, an exceptional puzzle game that grants you special privileges to solve mind-bending puzzles and find precious gems to save your father. Take on the role of a devoted son on a quest to aid his father, encountering puzzles and discovering the hidden potential within gift boxes along the way. Each box holds captivating puzzles and enticing rewards, adding a unique aspect to the game.

Push Your Limits

This game provides an uplifting experience that ignites hope within you. Embrace the formidable challenges it presents and strive to complete them swiftly. Your primary objective is to acquire six gems, which will enable you to purchase the life-saving medicine for your critically ill father. Time is of the essence, as any delay may render the medicine ineffective, preventing you from reuniting with your father.

Brain Test 3 constantly presents you with exhilarating and inventive suggestions to absorb. The quizzes come in diverse forms, with answers often found through unconventional means. Put yourself at the center of each question and decipher them rapidly. As you progress, you will encounter different doors, each concealing mysterious boxes. Open every box to unveil a new puzzle or a delightful surprise.

Obtain Priceless Gems

The puzzles will appear one after another, delivering delightful surprises that captivate players. Some puzzles require personal reflection and innovative thinking to uncover the most convincing solutions. At times, you must immerse yourself within the puzzle to identify the culprits involved. Brain Test 3 will provide additional hints, and it is up to you to observe and convict accordingly.

You will also need to employ your acquired knowledge to deduce answers. Successfully solving ten consecutive puzzles will reward you with a game gem, enriching your treasure trove. Safeguard these gems by storing them in a secret box, as enemies will pursue you in an attempt to steal them away.

Bringing Life-Saving Medicine to My Father

Brain Test 3 offers effective support that you can utilize as needed. The game aims to help you conquer the most challenging puzzles, providing hints to assist you in your journey. Pay close attention, as the puzzles contain crucial milestones that lead you to the most logical answers. Once you have collected six precious gems, waste no time in purchasing the medicine for your father. Along the way, you will encounter both supportive allies and formidable adversaries determined to obstruct your path. However, the game ensures that assistance is available whenever you require it, propelling you toward acquiring the medicine. Ultimately, you will reunite with your father and administer the medicine, restoring his health.

Through this heartfelt story, Brain Test 3 allows you to demonstrate filial piety and encourages flexible thinking. You will find the quizzes endlessly fascinating, embracing the positive aspects they offer. As you venture forth, you will conquer new territories and uncover profound truths, enriching your life’s meaning. The game also provides additional support features to aid you in overcoming challenging milestones.

Key Features:

  • Assume the role of a filial son and gather enough gems to acquire your father’s magical potion.
  • Explore mysterious doors and collect gift boxes along the way, unraveling numerous enigmas contained within them.
  • Encounter puzzles of various forms and genres, delivering unique impressions to captivate players.
  • Receive a wide range of suggestions and discover the most thrilling puzzle-solving approaches to conquer significant challenges.
  • Traverse the joyous world, seek out magical stones, and exchange them for specific medicines to save your father.

Download Brain Test 3 v1.70.10 MOD APK now and embark on an extraordinary puzzle-solving adventure with unlimited diamonds and hints.

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