Download Auto Battles Online v1365 MOD APK with Attack Speed

Experience the most extensive collection of items ever seen in AFK gaming. Choose from an immense variety and create unique play styles by combining equipment from different heroes. Build your army and engage in online arena battles against other players to determine the ultimate victor. Win idle battles to strengthen your squad and gain an advantage over competitors. Play with friends for fun or challenge them to climb the player rankings faster. Join global events, guilds, and equip your party with a wealth of fantastic items.

To emerge victorious, strategic tactics and strategies are crucial. Start with a single automated fighter and customize your way to creating the perfect automatic fighter. Customize your hero’s hair, eyes, attire, and helmet, and improve them in any way you see fit.

Once your battling hero is ready, deploy them to the battlefield and embark on your auto battler mission. Enjoy the entertaining and thrilling battle sequences as your hero annihilates foes, gaining power and proficiency along the way.

As you progress in the game, assemble a victorious team consisting of melee fighters, archers, and magic casters. Each unit possesses unique advantages, disadvantages, and defenses. Position your ranged and melee attackers on the front lines to absorb damage, while your archers and mages deal damage from the back lines.

Engage in head-to-head combat with other players in online team fights. Accumulate victories to strengthen your squad and strive to become the best player in the game, climbing the leaderboards.

For fans of competitive online multiplayer games, the strategic auto PVP battles in this game will be irresistible. Witness your heroes use a combination of magic, archery, and physical force to defeat opponents in multiplayer matches.

Improve your team as you win battles, increasing their level and obtaining better gear. Challenge more formidable opponents as your team grows stronger, allowing for faster leveling up.

In the vast world of Auto Battles Online, discover an abundance of legendary and epic goods to equip your crew. Arm them with deadly weapons like the Crystal Longsword or the Hellsword. Boost their defenses with unique armor such as the Mythical Forestkeeper Vestment.

As you level up, unlock access to higher tiers of weapons and armor, further enhancing the strength of your idle fighting squad.

Build an empire and train your team to conquer various islands, transforming them into a sprawling empire that generates passive revenue. Collaborate with guild members to raid islands controlled by rival guilds.

No time to play actively? Allow your squad to train in the background while you’re away. They’ll become even more powerful and battle-ready when you return.

Whether you’re a novice player or a seasoned expert in multiplayer competition, Auto Battles Online offers a captivating experience. Download it for free and embark on your journey to construct an army and battle for the crown.


  • Build and upgrade your squad of heroes, then compete online against other teams.
  • Place your heroes on the battlefield and let them handle the tasks, eliminating the need for joystick or tapping controls (autochess-style).
  • Level up your squad and enhance their capabilities by defeating rival teams.
  • Join a vibrant and welcoming community of fellow gamers.
  • Acquire the best gear using in-game gold, available for all players in this free-to-play game.
  • Build an invincible squad and rise to the top of the player rankings.
  • Enhance the power of your team’s armor, weapons, and magic.
  • Practice fighting waves of enemies with your squad in dungeons.
  • Participate in guilds and play with friends.
  • Complete missions to level up and obtain new and exciting items (coming soon).
  • Allow your squad to train and become stronger while you’re sleeping or idling (coming soon).

Download Auto Battles Online v1365 MOD APK with Attack Speed

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